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Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

What Our Guests Should Know About Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Going on vacation is fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re able to bring your furry friend along. Some of the best places to stay allow pets, but there are some guidelines put in place for most pet-friendly vacation rentals. Before you pack your suitcase, your car, and your pooch, read on to learn more about what we ask of our guests if they want to bring their pet along for the adventure.

Treatments and Vaccinations

In order to stay in one of our pet-friendly vacation rentals, we advise that all dogs have a recent flea treatment. This is not only to protect our rooms from getting infested but also to protect your dog. Flea treatment is particularly important if you’re planning to take your dog to the beach. We will also need to see a copy of your pet’s current vaccination certificate to protect our guests and your dog. All dogs must have their rabies shot current and up to date.

Size and Weight

We offer some of the best places to stay for families with pets but note that most of our units have a weight limit. Your dog should not weigh more than 25 pounds, and almost all units have a maximum limit of two dogs in total. If you have more than two dogs, you may not be able to stay in one of our rentals.

More Important Info.

When you are not with your dog in the room, they must be created. Please do your best to keep your pets off the furniture, or you may bring a spare blanket to cover the furniture so that their little paws don’t damage or scratch it. When taking your dog for a walk outside, please pick up after them as a courtesy to other visitors.

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