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Reviews from Our Owners

Although we have only known Marcy for a little over a year, Dale and I both feel that we have known her for much longer, not as just our property manager but a friend we have come to admire and depend on. Marcy became our property manager last year and we feel that it was the best decision that we have made since purchasing our property in 2014.Marcy’s love of what she does shows in the attention that she gives our condo and more importantly our guests. Everyone that stays in our condo goes home with a friend from Panama City. Marcy goes above and beyond when it comes to helping our guest with any problems or issues they may have during their stay in Panama City. Marcy is dependable, responsible and professional and we absolutely trust her with everything pertaining to the management of our condo. Dale and I both have full time jobs and live in Nashville Tennessee so having someone like Marcy working and helping us out with the management of our condo is a blessing. Not only has Marcy helped us with getting our condo set up and more relevant on VRBO and on Facebook but she has booked our condo more in the past 6 months than it was booked in the prior year and a half. I feel honored to write this reference letter for Marcy and can say with all honestly if you are looking for someone to manage your property or properties, you couldn’t find a more reliable and hardworking manager than Marcy.
Dale and Rosa  Merrimac 2016
If you are looking for a new property manager, look no further: Marcy Brown is the one you want. 
I have been working with Marcy for over a year. Our relationship began with k Tori's Cleaning service, which has done a fantastic job with our rental properties after we had dealt with meritocracy for several years. Marcy understood our level of expectation for our units and she and her staff exceeded them with the cleanliness and attention to detail that was lacking with our previous service. I was beyond excited when Marcy and Bob told me they were going to manage properties along with continuing their cleaning service.  Marcy delivers exceptional service on both ends of the spectrum: she keeps me informed and keeps my units as if they were her own and she treats the guests as if they are her best friends. Fresh baked cookies are on the counter when the guests arrive, compliments of Marcy! Her effervescent personality and professionalism are a combination 1, 2 that knocks out the competition. As a property manager, he provides a refreshing, professional, exciting relationship that includes so much more in terms of bookings. Marcy has full control of my website, VRBO sites, and her thumb is on the pulse of Panama City Beach, so I go with her recommendations for marketing and pricing.
I have many businesses and have learned over the years that the people that you surround yourself with make all the difference in your success. Marcy Brown will make you successful with your properties and she will also enable you to enjoy that success.
Kathleen L.  The Lynx Gulf Dream 2016
We are new to the condo rental community.  Our only experience with Marcy Brown was when we rented a condo she was managing at Merrimac Resorts.  Our experience with her was delightful, so when we decided to purchase our own condo there was never any question that Marcy was who we wanted for our property manager.  From the first day as new owners, Marcy was unbelievably patient with us, answering every possible question we had concerning condo ownership and rental of our unit.  She is in constant contact with us, notifying us of any rentals, cancellations, renter reviews, etc.  We are into our fourth month as owners, and are extremely pleased with Marcy's property management skills, not to mention we have become good friends in the process.  I would highly recommend Marcy to anyone who is looking for a hard-working, honest, cheerful property manager who looks out after the condo owner's best interests and at the same time ensures that every guest has the best possible vacation experience.
Dean and Chris Merrimac  2017
I reached out to Marcy and her team before my purchase of beach property, looking for a property manager. She helped me in several ways before my purchase, that she did not have to, and saved me thousands with her advice before the purchase.  She answered all of my questions and gave me questions to as others as I searched for a manager. I chose to go with Marcy and her team.  They were thorough explaining everything needed to get prepared to put the property on the market. She has great ideas and is always thinking of new ways to make more money for her Clients. She maintains her patience as I ask various questions over and over as I learn this new investment area. She has an eye for detail and, honestly, it is difficult to break, stain, or get-one-over Marcy and her team. They pay attention to detail.  I am extremely happy that I am now part of Marcy’s team and look forward to making a lot of money with them!  If you are looking for a property manager, give Marcy and her team a try!
Mandy 2017 Sunbird
We started working with Marcy and Bob since December 2018 and we feel so lucky to have found them.

Marcy’s professionalism and “can do” attitude have wowed us many times! Be it emergency maintenance jobs or guest care, Marcy is super attentive to the minutest of details. We live 300 miles away and we have no worries as we know that our condo is in safe hands of Marcy and Bob!

If you need peace of mind and you don’t want to worry about your property maintenance and guest care, leave it to Marcy!
Sandeep - Emerald Beach 2018
I have owned and self managed my own condo for almost 10 years, except one very bad experience with another PCB property management company, which lasted about 6 months in 2010. It was such a bad experience, that I never wanted to try another management company again.  Years later, life happens (more responsibilities, work, two kids, less free time), and I found it harder and harder to manage my condo properly from hundreds of miles away. Things such as the actual renting process, communication to customers, wrist band & parking pass distribution, carpet cleaning, maintenance issues, became more and more of a headache. Did I mention how hard this is to do from hundreds of miles away?  
Anyway, I finally realized it was just too much. So, I talked to Marcy at KToris Beach Rentals and she start managing my property. After all, her cleaning company had been cleaning my condo for years, with really great results. Even so, at first, I was really uncomfortable with the idea of trusting another management company after my previous experience. Actually, I was scared to death. I did not want another bad situation and I did not want to mess up the relationship with Marcy and KToris Cleaning.  The few days after agreeing to KToris Beach Rentals to start managing my unit... was a like a whirlwind! Marcy started doing things left and right. She went in and assessed the status of my property. Next, she updated the condo advertising listing info. After discussing things with me, she made accent changes to the furnishings and spruced the place back up. Marcy did things that made big results with low cost. The final outcome was great. My wife and I were surprised... very surprised. Many people are bs talkers, with little actual results... not Marcy. Marcy gets things done! The best part, she always tries to help out and do the right thing. A person like her is difficult to find and rare in this world. In all honesty, I was a bit depressed about my condo before Marcy took over it. Rentals were down from previous years and it seemed things were on a downward trend. Due to changes made by the condo association, I was also having more and more issues to deal with. Marcy has really stepped up and turned things around. Sometimes, just a little help can make a world of difference... and Marcy is a LOT of help. I don't know how or why we crossed paths in life, but I am very thankful to God for that.
Bob M. Ocean Villa 2016
When Marcy asked me to write something up that she could share with other potential owners I was so glad because it gave me an opportunity to thank her for a job well done. We asked her to take over our property after we had a bad experience with our previous manager. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we are so pleased to have her as our new manager. I am so relieved to have Marcy there knowing that my property is being looked after and being taken care of by such a competent, honest and reliable manager.  Her best strengths are working with our guests, controlling expenses and keeping me in the loop. She has exceeded our expectations. Thank you Marcy for all of your hard work. I look forward to a lasting working relationship with you.
Nettie D 2017
We have been working with Marcy for a couple of months now, and so far our experience has been wonderful.  Marcy is an all around great property manager:  She is a good communicator, we are never left wondering what is going on with our vacation home.  She secured multiple bookings as soon as our home was on the rental market.  She goes out of her way to make guests feel welcome and at home, even baking them cookies.  Thanks Marcy!
Ashley and Ryan 2017
I just wanted to thank your for being in charge of renting our condo. As soon as we came on board this late October you informed us that you had the condo rented from Nov  to Feb! You are always available to talk to or be in touch via email or text, even when you are out of town!!! Sometimes I would never hear back from our other rental mgt company if you emailed them or 3 to 4 days if it was by text. Too busy was their excuse!!! 
I once told you that we would be besties if I lived at the beach full time. I feel like I have known you forever. You are a very special lady and Trace and I look forward to not only a profitable business relationship but a personal one as well.
Barb F. Grand Panama  2018
If there was one word to describe K Tori's Beach Rentals it would be "OUTSTANDING"  We were using a different management company and I was always stressed and questioning things.  I was referred to Marcy at K Tori's and from the first time I spoke with her I knew this was the company my husband and I needed to entrust our home to.  She not only cares about our home but also about her owners and renters and that is exactly what we were looking for.  She is always there when we have questions, comments or concerns and happy to help. 
Not only is Marcy wonderful but the people who work with her are great as well.  Her cleaning crew is superb.  Our condo is spotless every time we visit and staged exactly as I would do it.  If we need something repaired it is done quickly and professionally.  This company is 5 star.  Thank you Marcy for what you do!!!!!!!!
Laurie C  Grand Panama
K Tori s Beach rentals !!   The best rental company on the beach !!!
 Professional at all times !!!  Marcy, Windy and Amber are always working to satisfy our clients!!! I couldn’t be happier!  
Patty Thornton
Owner Sunrise Beach 
K Tori’s Beach Rental has made it so very easy to have a rental property in Panama City Beach, while living out of state .  They are always on top of every need,  be it ours or our renters.  
We are so at ease knowing Marcy and her staff are taking great care with every detail.  
It is a privilege to work with an outstanding company.  
We truly appreciate all of their hard work. 
Marc and Diana McDaniel 
Owners Edgewater GV #903 
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